CMS Perioperative Supply Analytics and Preference Card Management

The OR department produces the largest revenue slice but also the largest spend on supplies in any acute care hospital. The ability to analyze supply expenses in detail against revenue gives you the ability to optimize your operation and reduce supply expense.

Physician Preference Cards (PPC’s) are critical to the overall operations of the perioperative department. Cases are picked based on items in the PPC list, but over time, the list requires extensive maintenance because of technical changes or even surgeon changes. Part of the issue is that the cards are so fluid, changing constantly because of changes in technology and practice. Many perioperative departments view updating the PPC as an ongoing process, so it doesn’t have a high priority. At times, hospitals often change vendors, so supplies and prices need to be continually updated. Not maintaining and optimizing preference cards due to lack of detailed information incurs significant reverse logistics and wastage expenses.

The CMS Perioperative Supply Analytics and Preference Card Management solution (PSA-PCM) provides detailed information on supplies and material consumption, post-surgery returns and potential inefficiencies and waste to help organizations optimize their supplies to ensure best patient outcomes and economical efficiencies.

This solution is built on the CMS nforcePro platform which provides interfaces to all the required applications and databases to extract the required information, including OR, Preference Card, Material Management and Inventory and EMR systems. It also has the required security and access control layers to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the information.

CMS PSA-PCM Dashboards and Reports

For Perioperative Supply Analytics, The following standard dashboards and reports are available:
• Inventory Turns
• Supply Expense / OR Revenues
• Supply Expense / Case
• Supply Expense / Perioperative Operating Expense
• Supply Waste
• Case Cart Productivity
• Instrument Productivity
• Implant Dashboards
• Interoperative Case Performance

For Preference Card Management, the solution provides the following:
• Detailed Analysis and Reports of Preference Cards and related Supply Returns, Wastage and suggested preference card optimizations
• Workflow to manage Preference Card review and template updates by responsible departments
• Approval flow for Preference Card updates
• Detailed Audit Trail of changes to Preference Cards

Filters and Drill-down features

Reports and dashboards have filters and drill-down mechanisms to sort by Facility and provide drill-downs by Service Line, Procedure, Physician, Department as appropriate to be able to analyze the data effectively.

Customization and Additional Reports

The CMS nforcePro Platform enables customers to quickly expand or customize the dashboards and reports to either integrate with new data sources, add additional information or create new reports.

Key Benefits of PSA-PCM solution:

For Perioperative Supply Analytics:

-Ability to quickly gain new insights into operational efficiencies or issues
- Highlights reduces post-surgery wastage and reverse logistics expenses
- Ability to interface with wide range of existing systems to access accurate information
- Filters and drill-down features to focus on organizational structures
- Ability to quickly customize or add reports and dashboards.

For Preference Card Management:

- Reduces overall case card picking and inventory wastage expenses by up to 20%.
- Contributes to smoother surgery with optimized preference card and documentation
- Documentation improves billing accuracy postoperatively, which hits the OR’s bottom line

About CMS nforcePro

The CMS nforcePro platform is our new Business Analytics and Operations platform that helps healthcare organizations to rapidly gain deep insights into critical processes and large data sets to enable them to optimize their operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, business improvements and growth objectives.

The CMS nforcePro platform is a rapid solutions development framework which enables customers to quickly customize or extend these solutions to meet their changing business objectives.

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