Agile Technologies is a master distributor of the COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid tests to help establish safe environment through carefully designed and affordable priced COVID19 testing, PPE, IT solutions, management consulting, project management, and training.

Our test is easy to administer and most specifically detects the presence of SARS-Cov2 novel coronavirus. It requires a finger prick like a diabetic, insulin test without the discomfort of painful, invasive PCR nasal swabs. It is the better option for children, seniors and people refusing to take multiple nasal swab tests.

agile Technologies - PPE
Our COVID Solution:

Proprietary phone app for safe attendance
HVAC or portable devices to neutralize to the coronavirus from respiration
N95 masks, Protective gloves & other PPE
Sanitizer (alcohol based and environment)

agile Technologies - Mask
Our Core values::

Commitment to Integrity
Commitment to Strengthening Communities
Commitment to Innovation & Excellence
Commitment to Doing Good & Good Work

agile Technologies - Mask
Contact Tracing

More information in less time. We conduct contract tracing and testing simultaneously.
Currently, tracing is done weeks after results are provided when memories are not as fresh and people are less able or even less willing to provide critically needed data..

Did you know that the Agile plan includes hiring from YOUR community and creating local jobs for testers and tracers?

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