IT Services

.net,, Android, ios, networking, Linux, Java, Salesforce, Oracle, Mysql, All types of Databases, and windows Applications

H/W Rentals
Local Cloud Setup (S/W) and Storage
Oracle DB installation and Configuration
Oracle Forms and Reports Installation and Configuration
Jboss installation and Configuration
Tomcat installation and Configuration Windows Os
installation Windows Server Os installation
Linux Os installation
Linux Server OS Installation
DHCP Server Config
DNS Server Config
Proxy Server Config
Software Firewall Config
Hardware Firewall Config
Monitoring Server Config
VOIP Server Configaration
Ticketing System implementation
VPN Server
VLAN Setup
Email Server
Data Center Setup
Vehicle Tracking system
Hospital management Services
School Management Softwares
Call Center
Full office setup
Lan setup
WI-FI Setup
Hotspot Setup
E-learning Servers and softwares
Local Cloud storage

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