CMS nforcePro Overview

CMS nforcePro is a new Business Analytics and Operations platform that helps healthcare organizations to rapidly gain deep insights into critical processes and large data sets to enable them to optimize their operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, business improvements and growth objectives.

CMS nforcePro connects to existing EMR, MMIS, Perioperative, ADT, Billing or other ERP systems and enables users to rapidly define the key elements to monitor and what actions to take in response to the defined triggers. Key Performance Indicators, Contractual Terms and Conditions, Risk Profiles, Corrective and Preventative Actions can be defined and activated rapidly by management and business operations without the need for development.

CMS nforcePro delivers solutions for Supplier Risk Management and Procurement, Perioperative Analytics, BioMedical Equipment Performance and a GRC framework. But CMS nforcePro is also a platform to rapidly configure or develop new solutions to meet the specific business demands.

What is unique about CMS nforcePro?

• It’s an Ecosystem of Business Blocks Chained Together as solutions
• It’s a Rapid Application Development Tool used to build technology products or manage projects
• It’s used to develop customer facing solutions or support internal operational projects
• It’s a sophisticated integration engine capable of working agnostically with any EMR, MMIS, Perioperative, ADT, Billing or other ERP’s
• It supports IDN challenges and strategies where disparate systems exist
• It can deliver large cost savings for IDN’s where special projects exist with insufficient tools to execute strategy
• It fills holes and gaps on the journey of the Patient Continuum of Care

What is unique about the CMS nforcePro Business Blocks?
• Framework to maintain and manage Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) library and content: Processes, Risks, Controls, Check lists, Questionnaires, Suppliers, Products, Policies, Procedures, Test Plans
• Business configurable rules for Assessment, Scoring, Ranking
• Capture Risk exposure, appetite to absorb, manage mitigation plans
• Capture Non-conformance, Issues, Corrective Action Plans and Chargebacks
• Workflow, Task management and Secured access: Capture and time stamp interactions of all including internal and external parties involved in the GRC activity such as Supplier Governance and Procurement
• Context sensitive reference to related physical documents
• Complete Traceability and Audit trail of entire GRC activity

CMS nforcePro provides a structured approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance

CMS nforcePro has all the features built into the platform to rapidly define and execute GRC initiatives
through business user definition and configuration without the need for IT involvement or development.

CMS nforcePro is a complete Integrated Business Solutions Framework

CMS nforcePro has all the elements to rapidly define or build new business solutions, often without the
need for IT development resources. Its strong integration options with existing business applications and
data sources make it easy to deliver new solutions that access applications and data with appropriate security and controls.

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