CMS Supplier Governance and Procurement Performance Management

The CMS nforcePro Supplier Governance and Procurement Performance Management solution manages and monitors the supplier and procurement processes to ensure optimum performance in alignment with corporate standards and objectives.

Key solution highlights:

• Provides a single platform to manage all supplier performance across a healthcare network
• Enables multiple levels of control and visibility across a network to manage supplier performance
• Automates and integrates the due diligence, the RFP/RFI process and the onboarding processes
• Provides “Best Practice” and configurable work flows integrated into the platform
• Automates resource-intensive processes required to manage supplier performance
• Links KPI metrics to contract language, commitments and requirements
• Automates communication and documentation to suppliers and end-users
• Drives systemic integration of process flow and data collection
• Allows for document retention to support regulatory requirements and organization protocol
• Allows for supplier scorecards to measure supplier performance and to track results
• SaaS model promotes simple and easy implementation requirements
• Advanced analytics and executive dashboard for easy interpretation of critical information

Key benefits :

Solution Components :

Vendor Onboarding

Request for Proposal (RFP, RFI)

Supplier Contract and SLA Collection

About CMS nforcePro

The CMS Supplier Governance and Procurement Performance Management solution is built on the CMS nforcePro platform, a new Business Analytics and Operations platform that helps healthcare organizations to rapidly gain deep insights into critical processes and large data sets to enable them to optimize their operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, business improvements and growth objectives.

The CMS nforcePro platform is a rapid solutions development framework which enables customers to quickly customize or extend these solutions to meet their changing business objectives.

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